Zubeng Chen, original from Taichung, Taiwan, is the only Chinese bladesmith who refining tamahagane himself and forging tamahagane swords with ancient techniques in YangJiang, GuangDong. Tamahagane is a kind of steel made in the Japanese tradition and is used to make Japanese swords and knives. Zubeng is so obsessed with swords, that he not only got Japanese kendo and iaido both level 6 qualifications but also committed to revive ancient technique of making swords. Base on his devotion, Zubeng production is named after him. The swords Zubeng produced are not only artworks but real, usable swords. His swords are recognized by a Japanese sword master: Sadatoshi Gassan. Each Zubeng knife has a unique pattern. And their unique heat treatment during processing helps to meet almost all the requirements of the knife. Thus, Zubeng’s knives not only have high practical value but are very collectible. In Blade Show, Zubeng got really high reputation, and the swords are always sold out within few days. Zubeng is a true and genuine master. Now Diafire and Zubeng co-brand present the highest quality knives with 100% hand forging for our customers, we expect to give you a brand-new experience and meet your high satisfaction.

Zubeng knife making process








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